2nd Annual Frendly Gathering In Mammoth

Check out some videos our FRENDS made from the Frendly Gathering while you wait for Jack Mitrani and Greg Weaver’s edits. SUCH A GOOD TIME! Can’t WAIT for the East Coast Frendly Gathering!!! – Analog

You can read mre over at Snowboardermag.

First of all… someone in Mammoth must have pissed off Mother Nature; that, or some unrelenting ski bum has been seeding the clouds. It is still winter up there. It is June and the mountain has a 9-17 foot base. Last year at the Frendly Gathering people were melting, forced to tap Crowley Lake as a reprieve from the heat. This year people were wrapped up in coats and huddled by the fire to stay warm at night. Nothing a little whiskey couldn’t fix though.

Danny Davis and Mikkel Bang get loose at the 2nd Annual Frendly Gathering held on Mammoth Mtn and Crowley Lake, CA.